We know the working world inside out.

Back in 1870, we were an employer like many others. But in the form of ELSEN, our predecessors had founded a forwarding company that was growing constantly. Before long, our trucks were travelling throughout the whole of Europe. It therefore made sense to become familiar with logistics issues as well, after which it was just a small step from logistics to consulting.

In many discussions with clients, we became aware that personnel planning (up to management level) is an important subject. We therefore founded CONLOG in 2004 and LOGIPOWER in 2010 – two specialists in modern personnel management which are always at your disposal. As part of the ELSEN Group, we have more than 140 years of experience. We know exactly what it takes in the real working world, which makes it easy for us to look behind the scenes. We can see which specialists are needed for which processes, and thanks to our extensive network of contacts in all industries, we can also find them for you.
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